Whale and Dolphin Watching

Whales and Dolphins are marine animals. They live in oceans around the world. Whales and Dolphins come from the same family, CETACEA. They both breathe from a blowhole located at the top of their head. Whales and dolphins are mammals. They are mammals because they have lungs not gills, they have hair not scales , and they also have give live birth and don't lay eggs.

There are only about 80 kinds of whales and dolphins that we know of right now, Many cetaceans, especially baleen whales, migrate over very long distances each year. They travel, sometimes in groups (pods), from cold-water feeding grounds to warm-water breeding grounds.Sri lanka with warm tropical seas now become a major spot for watching whales and dolphins, Sri Lanka is situated within international whaling commissions protected zone in Indian Ocean, In here one could spot 26 species of cetaceans out of 80 species that exist in the world right now, The high season for Whale and dolphin watching in Sri lanka would be December to April.

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